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19. 05. 2018

NEW TRANSFER BOMB: Kim Yeon-Koung in Eczacibasi!

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After many speculations, Kim finally put her signature on the new contract.


In 2018/2019 she will again play in Turkey and her new team is Eczacibasi VitrA.

After many offers from Brazil, China and Fenerbahce, Kim Yeon-Koung decided to defend colors of the Turkish vice-champions.
With this contract we can say that Ecazcibasi will be very strong in the next season and for sure will have big goals in the domestic league but also in the CEV Champions League 2019.

Last season Kim played in Shanghai and before that she was a member of Fenerbahce. Everybody expected that she will return to Yellow Angels but it seems that Eczacibasi gave her a better offer.

Can you imagine the team in which are Boskovic, Kim, Larson, Gibbemeyer, Thaisa


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11 Comments about "NEW TRANSFER BOMB: Kim Yeon-Koung in Eczacibasi!"

19.05.2018 | 16:08 |   losta [unregistered]

thaisa? she wont be back with the team next season. that deal terminated.

+7            0-
19.05.2018 | 16:25 |   dario [unregistered]

Kim few months ago: 'I am no longer a teenager and long seasons in Turkey do not suit me anymore'

+4            17-
19.05.2018 | 18:07 |   petar [unregistered]

Bomb news, now i think with Tijana Bošković and Beyza Vakif is done.

+3            2-
27.05.2018 | 16:48 |   before 2 top attackers together, they lose. Now 3 top attackers ..... let's see if they can win. [unregistered]

Re: @petar

+1            0-
19.05.2018 | 19:24 |   Petry [unregistered]


+6            0-
19.05.2018 | 21:04 |   Marra82 [unregistered]

Thaisa does not want to return, she is negotiating the termination of contract

+6            1-
19.05.2018 | 22:37 |   zortingen [unregistered]

Re: @Marra82
eczacibasi does not make middle blocker collection. Thaisa is surely a great player but if you have Beyza, Busra and Gibbemeyer,you don't need her. So I think eczacibasi doesn't want her back

+5            0-
19.05.2018 | 22:22 |   Xu Yliun [unregistered]

Zhu is better. Zhu the best!

+9            72-
20.05.2018 | 04:51 |   Axel [unregistered]

Fener couldn't afford to buy such collection of players and she just can't play 40+ to 50+ matches every single year. Ezcaz provide the balance between quality of players and numbers of match that she plays.

+1            1-
20.05.2018 | 12:54 |   BRAZILvolleygirl [unregistered]

Boskovic + KYK is too much for a team. It is not fair.

+11            1-
21.05.2018 | 06:36 |   Brian [unregistered]

Re: @BRAZILvolleygirl
As for Zhu and Sloetjes on the same team.

+2            1-
21.05.2018 | 09:18 |   Tony [unregistered]

Sloetjes is good but she is not stable.

+12            0-
22.05.2018 | 19:29 |   MIky [unregistered]

Re: @Tony

Same as Boskovic, she is good but unstable.
Let see how Ezc. will perform. Who is the setter?

+3            8-
25.05.2018 | 23:27 |   aerler [unregistered]

Re: @MIky
Gamze Alikaya

+0            1-
27.05.2018 | 16:54 |   layy [unregistered]

Re: @BRAZILvolleygirl
Larson, Boskvic and Kim together fight Zhu? why not buy more top attackers, so the chance to win is 100%. then who want to watch the game?!

+3            2-
22.05.2018 | 02:31 |   larry [unregistered]

one team hire 4 of the 5 top players in the world? all other teams are underdogs. not fair!! Money can buy the cups.

+5            6-
24.05.2018 | 03:17 |   Xy Uyilin [unregistered]

Re: @larry
Zhu better.

+4            12-
27.05.2018 | 06:05 |   Easy [unregistered]

Re: @Xy Uyilin
Can you shut up? She's totally irrelevant to the subject.

+9            1-
22.05.2018 | 19:21 |   Axe [unregistered]

So find more money from sponsors!!!:)

+0            2-
26.05.2018 | 00:58 |   软景 [unregistered]

offense, Receive, digg, broking, sense, etc... Zhu Ting 朱婷 <<<<<<<<<< World no1 金软景 kim
other level !!!!!!

+18            4-

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