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18. 05. 2018

CEV abolished the technical timeouts!


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At a meeting held in Kazan in Russia, the CEV Board of Administration decided to abolish the technical timeouts.


They explained that in all competitions under the auspices of the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV), starting from May 14, there will no longer be the technical timeouts after the 8th and 16th points. 

The decision does not apply to national championships, but only for CEV competitions.

Does this mean that the old rules of the game are returning? Or they expect that the match will be more interesting and shorter?

What do you think?


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3 Comments about "CEV abolished the technical timeouts!"

19.05.2018 | 21:20 |   bp [unregistered]


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20.05.2018 | 12:52 |   BRAZILvolleygirl [unregistered]

Technical time-outs are too much. Rhytm of the game just disappears because of that. Good decision made by cev, i wish crooked FIVB will do the same thing for international tournaments.

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22.05.2018 | 08:33 |   ~ziomek_poziomek [unregistered]

in PlusLiga there are no technical time-outs and thanks to that the games are more interesting to watch, probably because the flow of the game is not disturbed (if only they eliminated 10-minute breaks for commercials after 2 sets it would be perfect...)

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